Treatment Options & Pricing



PAYMENT IN FULL:   Payment of $1360.00 includes the 13 visit protocol and the

                                      treatment bracelet.  Represents 20% reduction for prepayment.

                                      Homeopathic for inflammatory drainage product package 



PAY AS YOU GO:      $125 per visit for 13 visits = $1625; treatment bracelet is $40 and

                                     is mandatory as most who would chose this would have greater

                                     than 2 weeks between treatment.  Homeopathic remedies are not



                                     If you pay for the first treatment and then decide to pay in  

                                     full on the second visit, we will deduct your first visit PAYMENT

                                     IN FULL from the $1360 cost. You will also receive the 

                                     treatment bracelet and homeopathic inflammatory drainage

                                     remedy free of charge.


no more allergies

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